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Developer: Ivanovich Games
Latest Version: 2.992 update 2 weeks ago
System: Android 4.0.3+
Cosmic Challenge Racing - Are you ready to plunge into the exciting world of space and take part in dangerous races on a futuristic ship? Then we advise you to try this project and check what you are capable of. All that a player will receive at the beginning of his career is a small spacecraft on which it will be necessary to fly along the most winding and non-standard road that ever existed, and with all of the above, filled with an innumerable number of slopes, jumps and difficult turns. In some of the sections of the route, you can pick up additional boosters for the ship, highlighted by blue arrows and bridgeheads, allowing you to fly far up and perform several stunning stunts. It turned out to be very easy to control the trajectory of the vessel: in one part of your display, the player will see two arrows responsible for turning around, and on the other side of the display, the keys for gas and brake will be shown. It is interesting that no nitrogen accelerator is present in the game, and instead of this bonus, as mentioned earlier, there are areas for acceleration.

The most important thing in passing the levels is to try not to fly beyond its borders, since otherwise, your transport will fly into a far space, and you will spend precious seconds returning to the original trajectory. Successful passage of the cards will provide you with gaming money - these are special coins that can be exchanged not only for the development of the characteristics of the initial ship, but also for the purchase of more maneuverable vehicles. The mission in the Cosmic Challenge on the android will change every time, but in any case, it all comes down to one result - to get to the end of the track as quickly as possible. In the case when you play in single-player mode, you need to beat the previously set record, well, or set an unattainable record for the rest, and in the case of check-in with other users, just beat them.

Because of the nice interface and the correct location of the buttons on both sides of the display, it is impossible to press the wrong direction, and sensitive control allows you to very smoothly enter sharp turns and go around complex obstacles. A separate thank you to the graphics - here is more fascinated by the sci-fi atmosphere and the right choice of colors. In all other respects, a pleasant runner is shown in front of us, where you can spend your free time with benefit, and in the event that you play online, with incredible excitement.

Main features of the game Cosmic Challenge:

  • Ability to save the entire process of passing in a separate user cloud;
  • Regular online battles every week;
  • Impeccable detailing of objects in a futuristic style;
  • Ability to create your own tracks;
  • Downloading those self-made tracks on social networks and play them with other users;
  • Full access to the variety of tracks from the community of players;
  • Working with multiple controllers;
  • Achievements table.

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