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Developer: Doodle Mobile Ltd.
Latest Version: 2.0 update 1 week ago
System: Android +
The Great Mafia 3D - If you do not fear to face face-to-face with adventurous adventures and unpredictable stories, then this action-style game will be a valuable find for you. In this world, you will have to show all your abilities and skills to get out of difficult situations. Appearing on the streets of a big city, you will be lucky enough to start a difficult, but very interesting career as a real gangster, with all the ensuing bonuses and dangers. To begin, you will have to acquire the most simple firearms. But it is not the main component of the clashes here, because it is often necessary to even engage in fights, not sparing your health and fists. There will be a lot of such situations, and in each of them you will have to show your wit and logic.

The life of an ascending thug in the Great Mafia 3D project is very interesting and full of various difficulties that will have to be overcome as you progress through the storyline . You have to quickly delve into the current situations: to steal cars, knock out debts from your business associates, and ultimately, to achieve total control over every piece of land. The great mafia 3D brings with it a bunch of exciting missions of a versatile focus - it will not let you get bored. For missions, the main character of the game will receive additional prizes, expensive gifts and money as a reward. With a sufficient amount of game currency, the character can visit the store where the coolest types of firearms will be presented. Each type is different set of its characteristics.

In addition to the above, in the Great Mafia 3D on Android, gradually gaining gaming experience - additional game currency, the character will discover new areas of a huge metropolis. In each area, the player will be waiting for a new package of missions, as well as more and more dangerous and cunning opponents who do not like the way you conduct business. The game has a large map, which by the middle of the passage will be completely open for research. You can move around it in a free format and for each district separately. Brave hero open all possibilities. He can attack ordinary passers-by without any problems, steal from under the nose of the owner of the car, or use his own to conveniently move from one point of the city to another. However, do not think that all of the above actions will be completely unpunished, and you will have to answer for them to the police and other groups.

The main features of the Great Mafia 3D game:

  • Freedom of action of the hero and many options to choose from; < br>
  • Four areas for research;
  • A system of prizes that you can sell and get for them useful items;
  • Hundreds of quests of the most diverse directions, from ordinary hijackings to dangerous skirmishes with rival gangs;
  • Realistic image and irresistible gameplay;
  • Dangerous situations and different options for resolving them.

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