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Developer: Noodlecake Studios Inc
Latest Version: 2.1.2 update 1 month ago
System: Android 4.0+
Chameleon Run - this is an unusually interesting runner, noticeably prevailing against the background of similar competitors. Most of the games on android, occasionally combine a lot of styles, mainly in the game comes across a certain feature that makes it recognizable and interesting to the audience. But there are times when a game comes out in which the creators have managed to bring in the best elements from the genres. Runners - this is the way out of the situation in which popular styles are packaged, for this reason it is not easy for developers to invent something not previously used, especially when the gameplay is not filled with dynamics. But, if you put together all the coolest, then the output can get a cool product, and this is the game we present to you.

The word chameleon appears in the name of this runner, and it’s not just that, as a little hero, whom we have to play, is able to change its color. What was it done for, you can ask? Everything is very clear, the route will also change color, if you enter the road of one color and at the same time you have a completely different color, then at this stage your race will be completed. We already came across this kind of mechanic, but it was in the distant past, and no one turned to this idea for the game, which is not clear, since this format adds to the fresh breath genre. Your route will consist of different levels, separated by an abyss. The steps, by themselves, are not a stable structure, so not falling into the abyss will not be easy, by the way, the speed of running will proportionally increase, which also gives excitement to the project. Control of the chameleon wound game on an android is simple, and is mastered in minutes, tapping on the right side of the display, the player will make the jump, by the way, the jump can be strengthened, and this needs to be used, since many steps cannot be jumped without this combination. Touching to the left half of the display, you will force the character to change the shade, this can be done during the jump itself, or during the race. The race itself will be to the finish line, the game is divided into separate maps, and each has its own mission.

The game Chameleon Run on the android system is watching, both beautiful and interesting. There are no complex visual effects or something grand, but this particular component makes the runner more exciting and enjoyable for users. Developers are also pleased with regular innovations in terms of prizes and new maps. This is a rare representative, in which there are no complaints in terms of quality, non-trivial and moderately difficult gameplay, combined with a bright external design, will not leave indifferent his audience of players.

The main features of the game Chameleon Run: < /b>

  • Cool cartoon graphics;
  • Easy to learn control of the main character;
  • Amazing levels with their tasks and difficulty passing;
  • Comprehensive bonuses during the race.

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