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Developer: Gameloft
Latest Version: 1.9.5c update 2 months ago
System: Android 4.0.3+
God of Rome - a new game from the studio geymloft, which in our country was translated only as the gods of the arena. In this story we will describe the sad but very interesting story about how the son of the ruler of the world of the dead, Hades, managed to find the cup of chaos and gradually began to seduce the minds of other titans, in order to capture the whole existing world in which he could rule alone. The plot story does not shine with special originality, it is much more interesting that you will be the one to fight it, and at the start of a career this will happen alone, only the trade god Mercury will be able to help you, but in a fierce battle it will be of little benefit. br>
This is another slasher, even if you do not look at the fact that he won the title of fighting game. This genre on the android system has been released a lot, and the winner in the rank of quality is the development studio of Marvel. A full-fledged sparring, in the format in which we used to see it, is not represented here, instead the player will make alternate svaypas, all of which will be sent along the same trajectory. The main thing here - in a timely manner to touch the display, while the enemy did not begin to attack you. To be honest, the system of fights here, most likely the most uninteresting of the similarity of games, since there is no free space where to roam. At times, during the battle, you can activate the supernatural capabilities of God, and in order for the opportunity to open, you will need to quickly tap on the display. Over time, the collection of the notorious personalities of ancient Rome will grow, on your way you will meet both legendary heroes and unknown personalities, but for each of them, their own abilities and weak points were invented. By the way, each character can be further pumped. You already know that this will require finding special items, as well as spending hard earned money in the form of coins. Here there is another type of game currency - donat, in the form of azure diamonds.

Also in God of Rome there is an analogue of living energy, which is very quickly emptied and returns to its original state for a long time. Roughly speaking, if a user wishes to transfer some money to the GameLoft account, they will give you this opportunity, but the prizes will be very good.
The graphics in God of Rome are beyond praise, and here not only the main characters are drawn in detail cards that were paid attention to no less than characters. Polished to shine small parts - this is the main decoration of the game, and the movements do not give unnatural. If you have played such projects before, then these bonuses will not surprise you, everything is designed on a fairly standard level, there are no special features in terms of gameplay implementation, and this is sad because the game was developed by such a legendary studio.

The main features of God of Rome:

  • Impeccable detail of characters and landscape;
  • Difficult plot and unforeseen turns;
  • Variety of mythical characters to meet;
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  • The combat system is interesting.

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