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Category: Games
Developer: Ludia Inc.
Latest Version: 1.11.39 update 2 weeks ago
System: Android 4.1+
Age: 12+
Size: 95 Mb
Ninja Turtles: Legends is another story about famous heroes living in the sewers of New York. This time, gamers will have to confront such an insidious and clever antagonist as Krong, who wanted to destroy our planet and transfer its other time dimension. But to defeat him is not as easy as it seems, before the final meeting with this bosom, you will have to fight with a huge horde of his followers, who are incredibly dangerous and merciless in their actions.

The player must There will be a small but extremely clear training that will show the basics of management and the principle of pumping. Gameplay Ninja Turtles: Legends will be held in the format of turn-based fights, in which the player must first attack, and only then will turn to the enemy. Gradually killing your enemies, make your way and be able to move closer to the final enemy, so that be prepared for dangerous situations. As you probably have already understood, the battles take place in an automatic style. The player chooses the target for the attack, which, in his opinion, is to destroy the first and then use the special talents of the ninja turtles, the exact distribution of which will guarantee victory. After the proposed level is passed, you can go back to the main menu, and purchase new types of maps for yourself, refine the wards' talents and buy previously unknown abilities. All this will ask for game money.

The external component of the strategy is framed in the standard style of the animated universe of ninja turtles: stunning visual effects, rich colors, light animation of fights and a wide choice of characters that give the project beauty. Sound effects, like music behind the scenes, skillfully harmonize against the background of the general atmosphere. Fight the enemy throughout seven separate chapters and more than seven dozen levels and defeat the most dangerous creatures of the legendary world Ninja Turtles: Legends.

The main features of the Ninja Turtles game: Legends:

  • Open all the rare characters and methodically train them so that at the right time they can fight back sworn enemies;
  • Fight against the deadly “Foot” clan and defeat the team of Bebop and Roxtedy to open these antagonists for the future game;
  • Concludeprobable alliances with sworn enemies to defeat the army of the great Kreng and save the turtles from destruction;
  • Immerse yourself in exciting adventures and complete seventy levels;
  • Engage in daily tasks in order to earn valuable resources and maps;
  • Complete the entire history of the Ninja Turtles universe : Legends and discover new facts from heroes and villains;
  • Learn new tactics and techniques that can turn the tide of battle at the right moment;
  • Be careful, so as the enemy does not sit still, and with your growth, his strength increases.
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