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Developer: The Pokemon Company
Latest Version: 7.0.11 update 1 week ago
System: Android 4.1+
Pokemon Duel (Pokemon Duel) is another project about the legendary Pokemon, which will give gamers even more dizzying moments based on the training and constant progress of their pocket creatures. Only today this process will be built on sparrings, in which you will be required to take a direct part and, of course, win. At the start of your career, you will have to choose six Pokemons to join your team, which you will train. Carefully select each pokemon in the collection, because each of them has its own strong features, but they will also have negative points that must also be taken into account. It is worth considering the fact that every Pokemon has a basic working element, and this is very important during the compilation of the team.

As soon as the monsters of interest are found, bring them to the playing field, and then start moving the players into the desired cell on the half of your opponent in the game. Analyze each step and come up with the best combinations of moves, so that you have a chance to make a good attack. But know that the primary mission is to reach the cherished goal faster than the opponent. Every pocket monster in a pokemon duel on an android will have its own way, and for this reason you need to plan all possible combinations, timely blocking the attacks of the enemy. But, in the event that your card encounters an enemy pokemon, he will have to fight to discard another user from sparring.
The gameplay of the Pokemon Duel project resembles a game of chess, here the fight also takes place on a special platform, the user has In the arsenal there are special chips with various attacks, and cards with very strong abilities. It is clear that chess is a game for the development of thinking, but this project is not for stupid, here you will also have to think over your tactics to the smallest detail, to attack your opponent and parallel, distracting attention from the left side of the playing field, to choose between a frontal collision with the opponent or temporary waste, and in the right order to use the strongest of the available effects. You can win a pokemon in several ways: “attack head-on” or surround and attack with a large company.

The player will receive bonuses to the main Pokémon, which provide useful advantages, such as castling one of the cards of interest or enhancing the characteristics. You can win your opponent without frontal attacks: if a player can correctly and timely block all possible card moves with his pokemon, then it will disappear from the field. Also, for security in the future battle, you need to periodically increase the talents and combat skills of your team so that it can fight back when you have to clash with the opposing team.

The main features of the game Pokemon Duel: < br>
  • The most famous Pokemon series;
  • A wide selection of strategic attacks;
  • Interesting confrontations with the most intelligent players;
  • A colorful picture and an interesting attack animation;
  • Pumping the characteristics of each monster and the pokemon itself in particular .
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