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Developer: nWay Inc.
Latest Version: 2.5.6 update 1 week ago
System: Android 4.0+
Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is a new-generation action game that is a fight in different locations, based on the plot references of the famous TV series about the adventures of Mighty Rangers. In this series, nWay Studio has managed to develop a worthy of attention fighting game with a vivid picture, written down to the smallest detail by the heroes, and a huge variety of combo attacks and deadly techniques. Fights occur in real time. You can go into PvP mode battles with real users. In the course of further passage, fresh arenas and other entertaining content will appear in front of you. In total, the series features more than forty fighters, most of the representatives are the heroes of the first story about the defenders of the Earth. Rangers from the new movie were also included in the project. The main antagonist of the series - Rita Repulse, wants to deal with our valiant warriors forever. Now we will have to enter the arena and defeat her servants.

Power Rangers Fighting System: Legacy Wars is styled as a rock-paper-scissors game. In other words, the strike of one style will be stronger than the strike of the second style, but at the same time it is inferior in strength to the third style. You will need a little luck, and the ability to choose the right attack for the fight, only in this case, you will be able to defeat your opponent. After battles, the player will receive a well-deserved prize, including play money, and sometimes collectible rangers to his team. And every possible hero can be pumped, training his combat skills. Well, at the end, the most interesting mode is PVP fights with the opposite faction, where we are lucky enough to show our power against other gamers. You should not assume that only players will be your strongest enemies, artificial intelligence in the game is also not inferior in its strength, and in some situations it will be much more dangerous than humans.

As regards graphics in Power Rangers: Legacy Wars on Android has no complaints: the heroes' skins are spelled out in great detail, the maps are filled with various objects and the quality of the drawing is not inferior to the games for consoles, and the stunning Ranger choreography is beyond praise. Voice complements the project atmosphere and adds integrity to the action.

Power Rangers highlights: Legacy Wars:

  • Incredible graphics quality, comparable to PC games! Well-crafted 3D heroes with amazing effects and complex animation of each beat and reception;
  • Fight to the death with the characters in the online format! Write down all the tactics of the fight and fight with real users in PvP style;
  • Unlock all the proposed battlefields in the places that featured in the legendary series;
  • Constantly open rare species of Powerful Rangers and add them to your collection!
  • Become the most ferocious warrior, and to do this, train the best fighters in the team;
  • Customize the individual characteristics of the team. With a well-trained group of fighters, you can compete with the strongest users of the planet.

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