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Developer: Mingle Games
Latest Version: 1.4.2 update 1 month ago
System: Android 5.0+
Dark Lands - a new runner, built on the epic confrontation of the hero in the world of shadows and impenetrable chaos. Find yourself the “golden mean” of the characteristics of this warrior, so that you can easily go through the entire storyline company and hold on for as long as possible in the endless battle mode. The dark lands format is a regular runner, and with the old styling: the camera is shown from a third person, and any enemy or game object will look like a dark spot with a characteristic outline. The route along which you will run is littered with ingenious traps: from ordinary stakes unexpectedly flying out of the ground and sharp cutters, which are able to cut a huge mammoth in a second, to teleports that move you to different places on the map. Some types of traps will turn on only at the moment when you run past them and can inflict quite a strong blow, and some types can be activated by holding a special lever, by the way, if your enemies are standing on the activated trap road, then they will not Goodbye.

There will be plenty of antagonists, they will differ in their size, the amount of health invested and possible techniques: someone likes to fight at close distances, and someone very well throws spears, well, and feathery th enemies, very fond of pecking hurt. Your ward also has a weapon, but to fight or retreat is up to the player to decide. You can also jump over the enraged creature, no one is going to run after you. From features that are not inherent in this format, it is worth noting the function of stopping the game, in order to do this, you only need to touch the display with your fingers, for the rest of the controls, no particular difficulties were noted. We jump and slide with the help of swipe, squeezed on the icon of the enemy - we go to the attack. And between the furious pursuits, it is possible to refine your own talents and purchase additional armor.

Choosing the dark lands for android in the game is one of the modes of transmission, you will be able to test non-standard mechanics in practice. With all this, in the format of adventure, the level will be divided into separate parts. The character moves independently, and the player at the expense of additional svaypov in the vertical direction, will direct his movements in the right direction, and for combat techniques you will need to quickly tap on the right side of the screen. Unfortunately, there are no strong combo-methods in the game, yet we are presented with a classic runner, not an action-RPG. The main thing that can simplify the process of passing is special items that are occasionally found on the road.

The main features of the dark lands game:

  • More than four dozen tasks for survival;
  • Sensitive management, performing any command;
  • Any traps can be used against the sworn enemy;
  • Create your own hero, acquiring new abilities and weapons for him;
  • Atmospheric graphics in dark colors;
  • More than fifty prestigious x achievements open to gain;
  • Legendary enemies from ancient mythology.

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