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Category: Games
Developer: Gameloft
Latest Version: 5.8.0m update 2 weeks ago
System: Android 4.0.3+
Age: 12+
Size: 35 Mb
N.O.V.A. - Legacy - a dizzying futuristic shooter that came out from under the wing of Gameloft studio. According to history, on Earth it is now impossible for any life to exist. Unbridled tsunamis, strong winds, hurricanes, etc., as well as a toxic atmosphere, which was ruined by waste and heavy elements, led to very poor results. After that, people had to create foreign stations and orbital ships, transport survivors to these places and conduct regular struggles for the right to live. Foreign invaders are attacking the surviving settlers every day, trying to take away by force the much-desired piece of colonies. Download a new legacy to reach out to your hero, save the remnants of the human race and civilization from a terrible invasion.

The main character is a brave and dangerous space infantryman, one of the leaders of a military organization called Nova, who was sent to the enemy's dead zone for quick reconnaissance. You find yourself in the main center of aliens and are obliged to undermine its activities, only in this case, people will be able to give resistance. Grab the first available weapon, get into armor and go to war on the alien invader. The variety of offensive weapons is surprising - a shotgun, a powerful rifle, bombs, laser weapons, etc. To help our hero in this difficult mission will be an AI assistant named Elena, whose timely answers will be very useful in a difficult situation. The main place of development of history - a huge ship, which was attacked by aliens. In addition to the above-listed machine guns and shotguns, at the levels it will also be possible to find grenades, whose killing power makes it possible to destroy a large crowd of enemies. It is worth mentioning the presence of a cooperative mode, which will add interest to the game after passing the main plot.

A player can hide behind special fences, simultaneously shooting at his offenders. On the way to the passage of ten stunning levels you will encounter an incalculable number of alien abodes of our galaxy. Use vehicles to move around the levels, destroy enemies and give our world hope for a future life.

Key features of the game N.O.V.A. - Heritage:

  • Three-dimensional graphics worked out for this genre to an exceptional extent;
  • Extensive range of weapons available for use;
  • Unpredictable gameplay with your chips;
  • A bunch of dangerous and intelligent enemies;
  • Awesome effects, animation, and a decent sound that doesn’t attract attention.
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  • Deadly fights with bosses:
  • Cooperative fighting mode for survival with other users.
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  • Ability to choose the appearance of the proposed warriors, among which there are alien faces.
  • A catalog of leaders and achievements based on victories over enemies.
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