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Category: Games
Developer: BoomBit Games
Latest Version: 2.2.6 update 6 months ago
System: Android 4.1+
Tiny Gladiators is a game with a wonderful arcade gameplay that will fill you with pleasant emotions for the whole day! The game features a plot story in which the brave character continues the difficult work of his father, after ten long years of imprisonment in prison. Open the secret secrets of his dad, the player will be on a couple with the selected character in advance. The choice will be presented four heroes, each of them in its own way is incredible, and not only on the external component, but also has the fighting instances typical for the class. Find a hero whose class you like the most. This may be a mercenary, paladin or thief. In the course of exploring the game world, you will have to train the skills and hiking uniforms of your warrior. If you successfully pass the proposed level, you can work out any active skills of the ward, and for each character they are different among themselves. Be careful when choosing a game class, as in the future it may affect your game.

Win in arenas and skirmishes with other heroes. Do not be surprised by the appearance of the character, this is not the main component. They are fighting as well as cleverly you manage them. You will have to fight wisely, otherwise grief will haunt you, as force is not the main weapon of a warrior. The enemies are very simple, but there are bosses at the levels, which will be incredibly difficult to destroy, but all these villains to some extent relate to the storyline. In Tiny Gladiator android, four large-scale maps have been prepared, filled with bright battles and significant events.

The champion gets a valuable prize, with which wearable equipment is subsequently refined, replacing outdated armor and dull swords with items with higher characteristics and sometimes even supernatural talents. The conclusion suggests itself - you have to go a difficult path from a weak character to the strongest hero that the light has ever seen. All battles take place in the style of PvP. Although the style of the project was built in a cartoon version, it still came out very interesting and high quality. Surviving here will be difficult, but thinking outside the box and incredible strength should become your faithful allies in any given situation, and powerful uniforms will protect you from unforeseen mistakes.

The main features of Tiny Gladiators:

  • A lot of cool missions, with endless battles and battles in unequal fights for legendary items and gold;
  • Four gladiatorial arenas, designed in the style of ancient Rome;
  • A lot of first-class weapons in any manner, followed by the ability to refine the characteristics;
  • Legendary battles in cooperative mode with millions of real players, and devilishly strong monsters;
  • Special armor, allowing you to create your own set of equipment.

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