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Developer: FaceApp Inc
Latest Version: 3.3.0 update 1 week ago
System: Android 4.4+
FaceApp (Face App) is a practical image editor, with an abundance of options for which the user can edit his own photos. Having turned on the program, we will be asked to take a photo or take a finished image that was taken before. After selecting the material, the photo will be sent to a separate server, on which editing will take place, so connect to the Internet in advance. After that, all you need to do is pick the filter you like. For example, the Old option can artificially age you, and the Smile mode will impose a beautiful smile on your face. At times, the effect is so extraordinary that it may surprise even a trained user. The program also has a rejuvenation option. In addition to the above, in the application you can create cool collages, due to which you will make an interesting assembly of the best shots with the included filters. Here, you can build a collage, the assembly of which will be located selfie several users simultaneously. With such functionality, you will not only have fun, but also laugh at the photos of your friends. Having completed the work on his own masterpiece, the user can save it in his device, or send it to his acquaintances by opening an access to the Instagram photo gallery.

It’s very interesting to look at your face from the image of another person, especially You have never met with such editors. After uploading FaceApp to your smartphone, give photos a variety and take a look at how you will become in twenty years, or roll back the results and change your gender. It should also be said that this product is one of the easiest, and at the same time multifunctional editors, with the capabilities of which even a small child can master. Also, do not treat the program as a serious software for retouching images, the program was created only to improve your mood. All the settings and features are incredibly easy to understand, despite the fact that they were not translated into Russian.

Face app for android has a rather unpleasant feature - the quality of the photo received also undergoes a change, and unfortunately, not in a positive direction. It is better not to touch pictures that have a low resolution before processing. Also, the final results of the processing are also proportionally dependent on the face setting on the camera, the presence of dense vegetation on the cheeks, and other factors that somehow influence the perception of the overall dimensions of the face. Saved images remain for some time on the servers, but are erased after manipulation. Unlike the Meitu program, whose name is related to the rumors about the theft of user information, this program does not send suspicious requests.

Features of the PhotoApp photo editor:

  • The ability to change your own age without resorting to the surgeon's help;
  • Cool filters with the most unexpected effects;
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  • A noteworthy tool that will lift your spirits;
  • Intuitive interface;
  • Change sex in one click.

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