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Developer: Plarium LLC
Latest Version: update 2 months ago
System: Android 4.1+
Throne: Kingdom at War - an online strategy combined with elements of a network simulator, in which massive battles for territories were added. The main theme that plays throughout the game is the Middle Ages - the period in which the era of ruthless wars and cruel rulers reigned. But, to talk about something in advance, while it is too early - just before the very first fight you will have to persistently develop the economic component, political potential, and military power. And at this stage of development it is very easy to lose - the game assistant gets its ubiquitous hints and targeted advice, without even being able to choose a different path of development. The whole process of starting pumping is dictated, but this is temporary.

In a few minutes of the game, when you start to understand a little about what is happening on the screen, and the first skop of questions that have appeared will end, you can take the path of free development of the kingdom. In general, in Throne: Kingdom at War on android, everything is extremely clear - we collect the necessary resources, build residential buildings, improve the protective indicators of the fortress (leadership center) to get even more bonuses. When pumping you get bored, you can go directly to the battles themselves - this is how you can get such valuable gold and raise your reputation with other factions.

Throne: Kingdom at War is constantly overgrown with new details - new buildings, blacksmith shops and mills quickly appear on the empty lowlands, which have spread their possessions at the foot of a huge fortress; will also change from level to level. For a better understanding - for example, a regular sawmill at the starting levels produces a scant amount of wood, and looks like an old barn with rotten saws. But after a few levels everything will change dramatically.
Grand victories in the most difficult battles, for total control over the Kingdom, and fierce battles for the right to sit on the ancient throne - this is only a fraction of those wanderings and amazing stories that filled the territories of fearless rulers. The amazing atmosphere of ancient cities in the immense Kingdom, bloody battles, interesting trips to the lost lands and lost wealth, will capture your attention from the first minutes of the game.

Throne Key Features: Kingdom at War:

  • Awesome encounters with users in multiplayer mode; < br>
  • Design a new uniform, cool weapons, and other items for your own character;
  • High-quality localization of the project in several languages;
  • Impressive picture and dynamic sound;
  • Several types of troops and the ability to build your army;
  • A variety of tasks with a good reward for completing them;
  • An interesting story of the ancient MI ra, which will gradually open with a deepening of the gameplay;
  • Create your own guild or join an existing one.

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