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Developer: PIKPOK
Latest Version: 2.7.1 update 1 month ago
System: Android 4.1+
Rival Stars College Football is an elegant card-style game in which the user will play the role of coach of the college football team in American football. Playing the role of the head of the club is a very troublesome task. Especially in the case when you need to lead a team of players, the bulk of which consists of inexperienced students. The goals of the national team are very high: you need to win the championship and glorify your team. But in this project, with the right approach, you can achieve any goal. Working with the standard card mechanics of this genre, which will be based on collecting rare items, the player must find a well-chosen composition of athletes, regularly adjust the match strategy, and act as the main management team in preparatory competitions. Tournaments in the story company will also proceed schematically, with the direct participation of the player. In addition, the simulator was introduced multiplayer competition with other users.

Graphics Rival Stars College Football football framed in a comic style, and conveys the atmosphere of excitement one hundred percent. The appearance of the players is colorful and interesting, and complex work was done on the animation of all movements. Football fields play the role of the most ordinary scenery, but the roar of the audience makes the stay on the court more atmospheric event. The music playing in the background menu is a bit sad, which slightly does not fit into the concept of the game.

Main features of Rival Stars College Football:

  • Invite new players to friendly matches and develop your players . Build a separate hostel, work on the results of athletes, and bring your team to the long-awaited victory;
  • Join large alliances or create your own! Pass on the best match strategies to other users, communicate with interesting characters and compete with other teams for the title of champion;
  • The strategic part allows the player to control the actions of the team in will be better for you. Predict future games and study the statistics of the past, and also make difficult choices to lead the national team to victory;
  • Fascinating competitions in multiplayer, in the open spaces of which you will meet with real rivals who can make a real competition! Increase rating to gain rare prizes and awards;
  • Colorful moments of the game - witness the fierce confrontations and the most difficult goals in football history;
  • A huge list of consolation prizes for second place;
  • World championships in a cooperative format;
  • Rare players, which will be very difficult to get;
  • Ability to analyze their actions in detail to refine the strategy; < br>
  • Accurate statistics for all games played in this season. not;
  • A multiplayer team with its hierarchy
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