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Developer: Lilith Games
Latest Version: 2.4.137 update 1 week ago
System: Android 4.0.3+
Soul Hunters is a strategy in which you will lead a large royal court and your mission is to drive out all unwanted neighbors in the district and put up a defense on your lands. Your nearest neighbors will be not glorious warriors, but disgusting witches, goblins, and other mythical creatures who descended to the holy land through a magical portal. In the project you will find an abundance of cool quests and levels. The very same gameplay surprised by the presence of pumping facilities and recruits, acting on the protection of the kingdom. The creators brought to life a good game world, in which not only the high-quality picture will please, but also the possibilities of logical thinking.

According to the soul hunter story on the android, everyone lived happily and happily until the world of people unknown power has not come. The mythical portal was activated, from which horrible creatures, previously unknown to mankind, came out in droves, and they are trying to break through your defense. In the beginning, all the wastelands came under their rule, and now the latter-day invaders carry out attacks on nearby lands and try to establish total power. You must prevent this, so take the defense and repel attacks on your domain. Your ward is already running to the aid of the rebels - do not lose the last opportunity to show how important your hero is in this battle. In the game you can collect a small group of fighters from five dozen characters available. It is worth saying that any of the above-mentioned heroes will possess tactical and supernatural abilities, as well as a rare force that will surprise not only you, but also the other defenders of these lands.

To delve into the storyline, you will need to complete the assigned missions . Participate in regular battles, correctly manipulate the forces received and apply all the knowledge of military affairs. Winning the battle guarantees you a generous reward, which will become the main currency for acquiring new things or training army soldiers. In each battle, the player will have to fight with powerful forces from another dimension, and you need to try to survive in defense, otherwise you will lose the land and the confidence of the people. In the game, the main currency is gold. Of course, if you need money, you can always go on the offensive against a small army of enemies, for the victory over which you can get a valuable gain, including gold.

The main features of Soul Hunters:

  • A lot of fresh and interesting tasks with which pumping will be even more fun;
  • Brutal opponents who act outside the box in every battle;
  • Five dozen elite heroes, each with their own talent line;
  • A variety of scenic locations, the arrangement of which can play into your hands;
  • Powerful characters, including the enemy army;
  • Jobs over power indicators and hero characteristics.

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