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Heroes Tactics: PvP Strategy - as you can already see from the name, this is a step-by-step strategy game in which you will fight in the arena. There is no boring construction, only dynamic fights. The creator is a company called “Lutith Games”, which wanted to transfer the idea of ​​the most famous computer strategies to smartphones. In the distant past on earth there was a tribe of powerful dragons. And at that time they were the most wise and powerful rulers, and humanity lived in prosperity and without wars. But the gods were angry with people, depriving the weaker sex of the possibility of extending the kind. After several generations of women who can give birth, Princess Loralin remained - a direct descendant of past kings, and the keeper of powerful knowledge. After the curse, the furious demons came to the land, who stole the girl. You also have to smash all the enemies guarding the princess, and win the heart of beautiful Loralin.

In the starting fights, the hint system will help the player learn about the world and the basic principles of the battle. You can’t skip training in hirous tactics of pvp strategy on an android, but this is also for the best, since the enemies, both in combat qualities and in the class component, are no worse than your representatives. You can win only with the help of a correctly composed strategy. In the beginning, you should place your warriors on the battlefield. Unfortunately, the opponents on it are not shown, and the significance of the strategy from this significantly subsides. In the battle, you will need to apply all the ability to correctly use such abilities as: Pause - this command gives the opponent the right to speak first in the arena, and if his moves run out, first to attack. The “Defense” team - there are such situations when one should not rush into battle, but it is better to wait or stand up for defense. The “Block” command will help you attack or repel powerful attacks. All manipulations will be combined during the battle itself. Tactical talents, as well as individual character abilities, which increase defeating ability from attacks, will be available for use in combat only once.

You can hire fighters, the maximum number of them is five heroes. Each in its own unique. A shooter, for example, can fire at an enemy from a long distance, and a paladin can heal the wounds of his acquaintances. The battle will not be considered lost, as long as there is at least one hero on the enemy’s team. Strengthening characters is carried out by weapons and uniforms found on the battlefield. For this, six cells will be issued, and when all of them are filled, improvements will open for you. The context menu, dialogues and battles are completely Russified.

Key features Heroes Tactics: PvP-strategy:

  • < li> Intelligent control of heroes;
  • Russian-language localization;
  • Animation that is pleasing to the eye;
  • Adequately traced both the background image and individual heroes;
  • Perfectly matched voice of all actions;
  • Thousands of real users from all over the world.

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