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Latest Version: 1.4.0 update 6 months ago
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Siege Raid is a rather entertaining and interestingly designed game of a strategic plan, drawn in an animated style, with hilarious animation of the main characters. The main feature of the game is that all locations shown here are displayed in horizontal style. And this feature gives the strategy features, and this, not counting all sorts of bonuses and in-game add-ons. The game mechanics here did not undergo any significant changes in comparison with the original source. And yet, this strategy should not be called a low-quality copy. Yes, the project has a lot of flare, but do not pay attention to it. In the expanses of this magical world, we will meet lumberjacks, helping to earn such a valuable tree, brave fighters, valiant knights, and other characters. But one should not conclude from this that the game completely copies the original source. The developers have made their own unique chips, which makes Siege Raid among other strategies.

In Siege Raid on android instead of magic elixirs, a tree will act as currency. For it, you can buy units, increase the scale of development, etc. It must be remembered that as soon as the main enemy reaches the walls of your fortress, they will first of all begin the destruction of your faithful slaves. By the way, the project has two game modes: online battles and story company. In the company, the player will pass one level after another, with a deliberate choice of gameplay complexity, and in a network mode, battles with real opponents whose cunning and insidiousness knows no bounds will be presented, so you should always be alert.

Siege Raid main features:

  • Abundance of difficult locations and possible tactics;
    Disgusting orcs, powerful giants, and elves - all of them are included in the list of exceptional races that you can manage. Collect rare cards and make your own death squad. Hire the strongest warriors and recruit powerful wizards to increase your chances of success in a future battle.
  • Impassable dungeons, with their dangers and rewards;
    Fascinating solitary dungeon mode, 3 types of difficulty and a rich reward.
  • Many possible combinations of characteristics and talents;
    Protect your own property and look for the best combinations of talents to stand in against irreconcilable enemies.
  • Honest fights with users of your level;
    Fight against be in the legendary battles with other players. Engage cunning and strength to smash the armies of enemies, earn rare trophies, and reach first place in the hall of fame.
  • Regular quests and generous prizes for completing them;
    Updated list of orders. Difficult battles will bring you a lot of positive emotions! For the timely execution of quests, rely valuable prize, which will be a great help for your hero during the construction of the kingdom.

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