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Category: Games
Developer: Ubisoft Entertainment
Latest Version: 3.4.0 update 1 week ago
System: Android 4.2+
Age: 12+
Size: 125.75 Mb
Fascinating action game Hungry Shark World - a quality product from a producer of good content, Ubisoft Entertainment has long had hordes of fans around the world. The next updated version of the game starring with a predatory killer shark is available for free download on the site just now and play an unlimited amount of time. This interesting, bright, dynamic application with pleasant music will allow you to pass the time and improve, develop attention and reaction.

This is a game in Russian where the user must pump forever hungry carnivorous sharks and buy new ones. Predators eagerly eat fish, crabs, stingrays and people swimming peacefully in the water or those who just sunbathe on the beach off the coast. The shark is a predator that lives in the depth, and in the game all actions of the user who controls the fish occur in the expanses of the ocean.

Hungry Shark World Features

Everyone who likes to play games must have played this application or know about it . There are thousands of people around the world who have passed the whole game from beginning to end more than once. This is a great way to lose steam and stress - by eating a couple of hundred fish, people or crabs with the help of the sea predator on the screen of your smartphone. The game world keeps a lot of secrets, secret passages and secluded corners that are not even marked on the map. Having sailed into their territory, the user can find interesting bonuses, items for collections and experience points.

At first, the user is provided with one of the simplest sharks, who will not eat fish anymore than himself, it can be stung by a jellyfish, scratch a crab or any predatory inhabitant of the depths of the sea, but over time, the user will buy a shark for bigger and take revenge. So everyone can become the largest and most terrible beast with fins, which will be feared by all the inhabitants of the ocean.

In the game, you can purchase additional accessories and wear a shark to increase experience points - rating, gold coins or even crystals. For all older sharks there is an opportunity to buy one or two sharks - little helpers. By opening all the standard shark types for the player, bonus predators will open that can fly, shoot bombs and absorb whole ships, barges and cages with fish.


It is very easy to control the actions of a shark and direct it - you only have to press the screen once or twice. You should always pay attention to the indicator of life and energy. The first shark will be slow and weak, but it can also be pumped through by improving bite abilities, speeds and other parameters.
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