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Developer: Gameloft
Latest Version: 3.6.2e update 1 month ago
System: Android 2.3+
Heroes of Order & amp; Chaos on Android - This is a toy, the release of which was waited for by a huge number of gamers from all over our planet, and which are united by the love for such projects in the RPG genre. At the heart of the storyline of the game will be a classic story - you need to penetrate the base of the enemy and eliminate his weapon. At the very beginning, the task may not seem so difficult, but the gameplay will quickly prove you to the contrary.
There are three ways to approach the base of the enemy. Each of them will have three towers waiting for you - a friend and an opponent. This means that the game simply requires a well-coordinated teamwork, since only after the elimination of the very first tower of the enemy, will the second be overcome. The towers, of course, are not the only obstacle that you will need to cross. Each path will be filled with different creatures that will be created on the main base. We are sincerely pleased with the large selection of game characters, the number of which in this game will reach thirty. At the very beginning of the game, you will be given a choice of hero and his standard inventory.

Choose to play one of three dozen available heroes, join the common team (or just build your own) and don’t give a chance to defeat yourself! Each gamer can keep under control only one hero. You can call up any clan to a fight, only before that try to compare your opponent’s strength indicators with your own characteristics. The main goal is to wipe the enemy base off the face of the earth. With all of the above, you do not need to interrupt every enemy. In Heroes of Order & amp; Chaos for Android you will be available three types of reaching the enemy's location - through the top, bottom and center. As obstacles on each trajectory there will be three towers. You will need to methodically - one by one - to destroy them, and with it attacking the enemy army. The application also has a third force called creeps. These little monsters act on your own - they can attack both your towers and the enemy’s location. For defeated "creeps" and enemies, you will earn extra points that you can use in the progress of your character, buying cool armor and weapons. It is clear that there are some secrets in the project, which only the smartest users can learn the secret of. For example, to increase the number of "skills" it takes the longest time to resist on the battlefield, as well as having previously taken the necessary equipment. There is also a shop where you can buy items for real money, as well as cheat moves.

Application Features:
  • Dynamic passing of fights with real users in a co-op;
  • < ! - dle_li ->
  • Ability to cooperate with comrades and create the most formidable of the existing armies;
  • Cool heroes, a huge arsenal of weapons and types of protection ;
  • Three dozen heroes with unsurpassed characteristics.

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