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Developer: ITO Technologies, Inc.
Latest Version: 5.28 update 6 months ago
System: Android 4.0+
For good health a person must be constantly in motion. Useful application "Pedometer" will show how many steps were taken in a day, what was the activity. In addition, a small program will show the time of movement, the number of kilocalories spent and the average speed.

Why do you need the Pedometer application?

The control in the Pedometer is extremely simple. To measure vital indicators you need to press a single “Start” button. For the program to work correctly, it is not necessary to constantly hold the device in your hand: The pedometer works great, even if the smartphone is in your pocket. You receive all the information on the smartphone’s display in the form of a diagram. In the relevant sections, you can easily find the statistics for the day, week, month. Based on the data, you can increase your activity or reduce it if necessary. For more information, you just need to touch the schedule and get information for the specified period. For convenience, you can change the appearance of the program's main screen by changing the theme.

The program shows the data for sure: before you start using the Pedometer, you will need to enter the age, gender and weight. This will help to more accurately carry out all the necessary calculations. It is worth remembering that in some smartphones, when locked, the program may stop counting steps. This is not due to an error in the "Pedometer", but with the features of the device of your smartphone. If you see that the “Pedometer” counts the steps too quickly (or slowly), you can always adjust the sensitivity of the application. "Pedometer" - one of the most useful programs that must be on your Android device. The program has a sleep mode: "Pedometer" is turned off when you are idle, saving battery power.

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