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Developer: TAPCLAP
Latest Version: update 2 months ago
System: Android +
The game "Valley of Sweets" is suitable for those who love everything bright and delicious. During the entire gameplay the player will be surrounded by a mass of various sweets. Only one of their appearance causes a genuine desire to eat sweets for food.

Storyline Features

The main character of the game application is a girl with the beautiful name Ella, who is as beautiful as she is curious. The second character is confectioner Edward. He has long been looking for recipes for his dishes and believes that he will be able to find them in the magical land of sweets, where they went with Ella. Distant and unusual country is inhabited by hospitable, but eccentric inhabitants. They store a lot of recipes for cooking unusual dishes. To overcome long distances in the game the characters will be through a large rainbow. In addition, they will cook delicious things using the recipes they just found. If the dish comes to taste, then it immediately replenishes the book of recipes Edward. At first glance, everything is simple and easy. In fact, the player will expect a lot of difficulties. In each level there will be plenty of them and you should not relax. You will have to use your logic, intuition, and also to have patience. It is possible that the first time you will not be able to achieve your goal, but you can try an unlimited number of times.
The game "Valley of Sweets" carries you away from the first minutes. It works on smartphones and tablets on which the Android OS is installed. The game application has high-quality graphics and is aimed at people of all ages. Refers to puzzle-type games and will take in memory no more than 30 MB.

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