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Category: Games
Developer: Gluten Free Games LLC
Latest Version: 1.0.4 update 1 week ago
System: Android 2.3+
If you like cat's life, you like their purr, and you always dreamed of being in the place of these cute creatures, then this app is for you! After downloading the new application Stray Cat Simulator, you can feel like a real wild cat or home fluffy kitty, become a cute ball, which everyone serves and shows attention to. Stop dreaming, it's time to act.
The simulator will make all dreams come true. You will become a real cat. However, the life of the animal is not only pleasantness and joy. Being a cat is not easy, and here you have to prove your right to exist every minute. The street will become a home. Wandering around the area where danger lurks around every corner. If you look at it from the other side, it turns out that the whole world is open to global exploration and adventure. The application presents several breeds of cats that are available for selection. Each of them has individual skills and abilities, and also has its own character. The choice is yours. But every cat is doomed to street life, regardless of its merits. As the game progresses there are several missions that must be completed. You expect the real adventures of a frisky cat. It will be necessary: ​​to find food, shelter, find your soul mate and acquire offspring. After downloading the application, you will definitely find your cozy home and be able to acquire small kittens. But everything is not given very simply, it is necessary to strive for this and work on the set goal. Passing various tests and fighting with the bosses you will receive a reward: game coins and bonuses. They are needed for further character development. You can also choose a cat's lifestyle: wild or domestic. Thanks to the excellent 3D graphics, it’s even easier to feel like a cat. Each location is clearly traced: forests, fields and cities. The change of day and night is clearly visible. All these factors, as in real life, can both help and hinder the cat's life. For example, in the rain it turns out to be much more difficult to hunt rats. The game interface is very fascinating, and the control is simple and clear: a pair of buttons and a joystick. For players with steel nerves there is a special function “bloody special effects”. Today you can become a cat simply and quickly.

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