ROBLOX for Android

Category: Games
Developer: Roblox Corporation
Latest Version: 2.372.2782 update 1 week ago
System: Android 4.4+
Age: 12+
Among the huge variety of browser-based adventure games, special attention should be paid to "Roblox". Its feature is the presence of a huge fictional reality, where everything is possible. Right now you can become a participant in various contests, be a lizard, an astronaut or a captain of a huge passenger liner. At the moment, several tens of millions of players are playing in "Roblox", through which the virtual universe is created. Game application created for mobile devices. You can play in the fictional universe yourself, and with friends together, which will make the gameplay more exciting. The game begins with a character creation. The customization is so huge that it will be possible to create a hero as close as possible to himself or anyone else. For the development of the image, you can use shirts, shoes, sneakers, outfits, hats and more. Each piece of clothing is presented in a wide variety of options. "Roblox" is a free game in which you can find new friends who live both in their own city and on another continent.

Every player in the universe is free to create the world that best meets personal wishes and requirements. There are blocks of different shapes and sizes, as well as in all sorts of colors, from which the main objects will be created. Someone the world will be represented by a small one-story building in the forest, and someone a huge metropolis with skyscrapers and wide streets. All is limited only by your own flight of fancy. You can develop not only static objects, but also entire mechanisms. If something at one moment ceases to be necessary, then it can be sold to other players. If you own your own world, then go to the world of a neighbor. Here you can learn a lot of ideas and get acquainted with something new. Running "Roblox", the player will not notice how time flies. The game application is popular among teenagers, but it is likely that it will come to the liking and the players of mature age.
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