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Developer: NEXTERS
Latest Version: 1.43.7 update 4 months ago
System: Android 4.2+
Chaos Chronicles - role-playing game from the studio Nexters. The browser version of the Chronicles was a huge success in social networks, so recently the game migrated to the Android platform.

What this game is about

Nothing new: another story about the battle between Good and Evil. Peaceful Dominion villagers live, live happily ever after, until the huge army of Archdemona invades the world - a local ancient evil, which, upon awakening, decides that it is too boring to live like that. The hero, who you have to play, can put together a detachment of mercenaries and try to win back the Dominion from evil spirits. The disadvantages of the game is that the outcome of the battle depends almost entirely on the equipment of the squad. And if in the PVE missions the player can somehow influence the outcome of the fight, the battles in the PVP arena are fully automated: the one who is better equipped wins. Dressing up characters is an interesting, albeit somewhat tedious process. To improve the rank of equipment, you should collect 6 suitable items. The problem is that you can farm dozens of battles for a suitable thing, but it will not fall off. It is worth noting that the donate does not affect the chance of getting the necessary equipment at all: in this game, as in many others of this kind, everything is decided by random.

Chaos Chronicles features:

  • several dozen heroes with unique abilities;
  • leveling through daily tasks;
  • regular events with valuable awards;
  • the opportunity to compete with other players in the Arena;
  • simplifying the process of pumping thanks to donat;
  • rage scale, filling which the character can use the strongest skills;
  • create your own clans and combine them into alliances;
  • with Personal and collective raids with powerful bosses, the strength of which can get heroes.


Despite some software bugs (the game is still being finalized by the creators) , Chaos Chronicles captivate with its unique graphics. Each character is lovingly traced, and its skills have a unique animation. In general, this is an excellent multiplayer RPG, for which you can pass more than one evening.

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