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Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Latest Version: 3.0.14 update 1 month ago
System: Android 4.2+
Great game for Android! Namely - Super Mario Run. It is an easily recognizable toy from the 90s about a resilient Italian plumber wrapped in a new variegated wrapper. What is cool Mario? This does not need to tell those who at least once touched the once popular series of games. It doesn’t matter if it was done using an eight-bit Dendy, sixteen-bit Sega or a modern laptop. Now Mario is on the phone! Super Mario Run on Android will return the player to the roots of the saga, which is now available in a new format. Our character is still racing to meet the princess through hordes of monsters, a lot of obstacles and a lot of drainpipes. Players expect bright levels, decorated in the style of a native video game from childhood. Run through the green meadows and dark dungeons, the old abandoned castles and arid deserts. Coins and bonuses in the form of familiar mushrooms are waiting for you on the way to the goal.

What's new in the classic game?

New is not only an approach to graphics, the gameplay itself has been updated. Now you can try your hand both in the role of Mario himself and in the role of other equally interesting and cute characters.

Also Super Mario Run for Android is a bunch of exciting new modes that will help you not to get bored after several hours of playing the game:

  • Remix 10. Mode , in which Mario passes a lot of the shortest possible levels, in order to find Daisy, who is lost, in one of them.
  • World Tour. A mode in which you will tirelessly jump, run and attack enemies, surprising everyone with your tricks and your reaction. More than twenty interesting worlds that Mario will pass to save Princess Peach from the evil boss Bowser! However, in this mode there is a mass of "interesting". You can compete with friends in the speed of passing the game, and in the number of bonus points.
  • Rally with toads. Here you are lucky enough to try your luck in your own maneuverability and performing various pirouettes with your comrades. We won a rally - we got the support of toads that will help in creating a kingdom.
  • Creating a kingdom. There is an element of "sandbox". You take on the role of a builder and stone by stone, build your own possessions in the world of Mario and much more.
Try your hand at all modes! Super Mario Run is waiting for brave and lovers of the classics. Download the app and install on your own smartphone. Ida in the world of a familiar mustache plumber in a red cap!

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