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What is Yandex Weather? This is an application accessible to all, with which you can watch the weather in real time in your area. Created this program was in the company Yandex, which is located on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The main purpose of this program is to show the real weather anywhere in the country, be it a city, town, metropolis or village. Once there was no such privilege, thanks to which it was possible to watch the weather in its own area of ​​the city, because before that there was neither the Internet nor modern technologies. Every inhabitant could find out what the weather was like outside only when they were looking at a thermometer. This problem now does not exist, because today you can download on android application Yandex Weather. This program, the people of the country are very happy. The application has a special modern technology Meteum, which show the weather. It can be used both in large cities of Russia and in small regions. The program calculates the weather with such accuracy that it can calculate it right up to the house. You can give an example: you are on the street, you have one weather in the application, and when you move to another place in the car, the weather data will instantly change. The user will have the opportunity not only to monitor the temperature, but also wind, humidity, fog, pressure, precipitation, such as snow, rain. In this program, you can find out the weather forecast for several days. Also in the application, you can record several places in which the user needs to know the weather, and it will show them all. If the user needs to find out the pressure or direction of the wind, you must move to the right the main screen of the tablet or phone. Yandex weather has a wonderful weather widget specially designed for the main screen. This widget is obtained in different ways to configure, make the scale larger, and still choose any place (street) to see the forecast. The interface of the program is very pleasant, so that any user will simply perceive it.

Additional features Yandex cards:

  • the interface is accessible and understandable for each user;
  • you can add five places at the same time where you need to know the weather forecast;
  • < ! - dle_li ->
  • there is a function for a detailed view of all information about the upcoming weather.

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