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Developer: Halfbrick Studios
Latest Version: 2.7.6 update 1 month ago
System: Android 4.1+
Fruit Ninja Free on Android - An interesting game that was invented by an Australian studio, reached a long-awaited balance between ordinary players and critics, exceeding twenty million downloads! The game is very interesting and bright, with oriental headpieces, quite simple in its use and it would seem not much overwhelming with some non-standard idea, but the seller of exotic fruits with his favorite piglet is an interesting and extraordinary combination.

Gameplay in Fruit Ninja is a dangerous trick over flying fruits that you will try to make with your own sword. Your fingers will act as a weapon here; all you need to do is to swipe the screen of a smartphone in the field of a flying object to chop it into small pieces. There is also the possibility of using more than one finger, cutting a variety of fruits in one move. You need to be extremely careful, because from time to time the seller will throw up bombs, which you can’t cut openly.

Before moving on to the game, let's pay a little attention to the details of the project. The graphics of the main menu are so well developed that sometimes there are thoughts that at some point you will have to pay for the application. But do not worry, this will not happen, the game is laid out in the free access. In the gameplay of animation effects is no worse than in the main menu, and such a good attitude to detail will delight fans of arcade apps. Everything is very bright, interesting, bright - the design over time will only become more interesting and richer. The sound component is not far behind the quality of the main project. The latest version of the game was timed to a very significant event. Namely, a whole billion downloads of the original version. The turnover is truly incredible, and the army of fans of the game is increasing by the minute. Now the game will have not only refreshed graphics, but also a variety of interesting tempting "buns":
Be extremely careful in your movements with your sword, and do not cut explosive bombs, as the total number of your attempts decreases with each cut. With the same success, every fruit you miss will take one life, of which there will be only three. This game feature is relative to the classic game mode. The other two modes, which are referred to as Zen and Arcade, make it possible to shred fruit into small pieces before the end of a specified time. The final results can be shown on the honor roll for comparison with other users.

New features:

  • Introduction of new heroes. Each of these characters has personal technique and talents. Now you need to be wise to the choice of heroes;
  • Online competitions, which make it possible to compete with the best ninja on the planet.
  • Results lists for tracking the success of your friends. Give great motivation to improve your skills in cutting objects;
  • Six new game modes. Cutting delicious fruits has never been so fun.
  • New knives for more effective techniques;
  • Heroes' magical abilities to control gameplay.

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