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Need For Speed ​​Shift is an unusual representative of racing games. Each new game was similar to its previous version, which made them all uniform and many gamers quickly lost their interest in them. But this version is completely different. It is filled with many additional features that do not allow the interest to cool down.

There are many different car models available in the game menu, more than 20 pieces. Each of them is a clear prototype of its copy from real life. Each car has a license and has the qualities inherent in this car.

Initially, not all variations are available for choosing a machine, some of them need to be additionally earned during the game. To acquire new cars, you need to win races and various competitions. The absolute champion gets the best cars of the most famous brands of the whole world.

For passing the game the user has several modes available:
  • Drift. You should try to drive the greatest distance in the process of skidding cars;
  • Normal race. Standard race in which you need to drive several identical circles and overtake rivals;
  • Sprint. The rules are identical to the "Normal Race" mode with a slight difference - it is necessary to overtake the rivals in one race (lasting 1 lap);
  • Duel. One-on-one check-in with the player who has the best performance on the time of the races.

As the game progresses, the participants will enjoy 7 most diverse competitions and several big tournaments. Each tournament can be filled with various stages that have been described above. Each winner receives a certain number of prize points. After winning, you should pump your car and raise its level, if possible. Having passed this stage, the next part of the big tournament will be available.

At the very beginning of the game the user can pass a special test. It is he who will determine: what skills the player has and will help determine the model of the car, as well as select suitable opponents and analyze their level of training.

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