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Latest Version: 1.5.6a update 1 week ago
System: Android +
The main advantage of GT Racing 2: The Real Car Exp over the rest of racing simulators on Android is the realistic process. Already from the first seconds of the game it becomes clear that it is not worth expecting unreal somersaults in the air and high jumps on springboards. You do not destroy the opponent's car, just crashing into it from the side. There are no extreme speeds, and other racers behave like the most cultured drivers: they do not use illegal moves (strikes and stands).

This project is very similar to racing on real sports cars. Here you need to take not the speed and knocking the enemy off the track, and tactics and skill. At first it may seem that there is not enough speed, but later it becomes clear that it is not worth waiting for easy victories in the game.

The main feature of GT Racing 2: The Real Car Exp is all vehicles have their real types. Moreover, the smallest details of the design of each modern car, represented in the game, are taken into account. There are more than 80 vehicles from 37 manufacturers in the game. Similarities relate not only to appearance, but also to technical characteristics (acceleration dynamics, maximum speed, etc.)

As in any modern race, there are several modes in the game. Classic mode - a game for the passage in career mode. Here the main thing - to get to the finish line first. In the “Overtaking” mode you do not need to reach the finish line: you should demonstrate acceleration in the allotted time. In "Qualification" you will need to travel the maximum distance in a short period of time. The “Dropout” mode is well-known to computer racing lovers: the latest car crashes on every lap. The size of the game does not exceed 31 MB, and the cache takes about 800 MB.

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