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Category: Games
Developer: Glu
Latest Version: 3.14.0 update 2 months ago
System: Android 3.0+
Age: 16+
Size: 84.9 Mb
Deer Hunter Classik is a realistic and beautiful simulator for android, in which the player can hunt different animals with the most diverse weapons. The Glu development team worked on this toy, they had already managed to create some really cool games for the phone, but this game surpassed all the others. There is no particular plot or story in the game, there are a lot of missions where you need to hunt for various animals. In each mission, you need to perform some task, for example, kill a deer with a shot through the heart, or kill a wolf with a shot to the head.

In addition to the various weapons in the toy there are many interesting devices that will help in the performance of tasks. In the presence of a scanner that shows the organs of the animal, an energy drink that will help keep the weapon in one position, a special cartridge that will cause twice as much damage. These game bonuses work only for a while, so you need to have time to make a shot while the bonus is in effect, or you have to wait until the energy is full. The gameplay is interesting, the player goes to a beautiful location, gets the task, having seen the target, you can be guided to the beast.

If the beast is far from the player, then you can use the sight. If there is no additional task, you can shoot. Sometimes there is a special task and you need to shoot at a certain body, then you need to turn on the imager and aim at a specific body. If the animal is in motion, you can use the slowdown mode, and at night it is best to use the night vision mode. The choice of weapons is simply amazing, there are the following classes: shotguns, assault rifles, rifles, bows, pistols. In each category, a large selection from a variety of manufacturers.

Each weapon can be upgraded and improved shooting comfort. It should be noted, every detail costs a huge amount of money that can be earned for completing missions. If there is a desire to play with all weapons, try everything, upgrade, then you can use a special mod, where there will be an unlimited amount of money. The graphics in the game deserve special attention, each weapon is worked out in detail, the locations are colorful and bright, the animals look like real ones.
Shooting, the game goes into slow motion, and the player can look behind the bullet as it flies and hits the target. Locations at Deer Hunter Classik are perfectly worked out, taken into account every detail: bright flowers, moving grass, changing time of day, different weather conditions.
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