Bully: Anniversary Edition for Android

Icon Bully: Anniversary Edition
Category: Games
Developer: Rockstar Games
Latest Version: update 1 month ago
System: Android 8.0+
Bully: Anniversary Edition is the game that has become one of the most popular in the Rockstar lineup. And the port on the mobile platform also became a real hit.

At the heart of the plot lies the life of the problem student Jimmy Hopkins. That is what you and will manage throughout the game. The main character will face a mass of injustices at school. Corrupt teachers, arrogant students - this is only a small part of such a mess, which occurs in an educational institution.

Your task is to prove that you are not just a whipping boy. You will not be a victim, and you will do everything to put in place presumptuous teachers or arrogant schoolchildren. You will definitely like how you can play one and all. The game is not without a love line. It is possible to "hook" one of the local beauties.

You have to solve insidious plans of ill-wishers, play ahead of the curve. You can also have fun in kazualki with your friends. For a mobile game there is very good graphics, an interesting plot. This release is especially pleased fans who want to ponder over the popular games from Rockstar.

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