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Developer: Next Dimension Game Adventures L
Latest Version: update 2 months ago
System: Android 2.3+
I, Gladiator is a wonderful toy in the genre of fights and gladiatorial confrontations. The toy will show the gladiator sport in all its glory, majesty and bloodthirstiness. Here you will not see any pretentious slogans, or picky emperors, there are only harsh warriors and brutal fights. If you like these toys, then your warrior is ready to go.

Acquaintance with the toy will not be easy, because your opponents will be already experienced killers, who are the real death machines. Do not even try to take the enemy offhand, otherwise you will lose your head and it will be elevated to the trophy peak.

Here you need to act subtly - a subtle dueling strategy and competent siege. With such tactics a chance of success will appear, but you do not need to delay the fight, because there are a huge number of traps in the arena and you can get into one of them. Plus, if the viewer is bored, then a small or larger predator can join you in the arena, so do not over tighten, please the viewer and win.

One of the features of the game is its graphics, here it is gorgeous. It is not some kind of minimalist, while it can not be called smooth and licked. The developers chose a slightly different path and decided to repeat for Borderlands. That is, each player will fall into an interesting and fascinating comic with all the terrible and bloody details.

The main features of the game I, Gladiator:
  • Bloody fatalities and fantastic fights;
  • Lots of classes that differ in tricks and weapons;
  • Voice in Latin;
  • Well crafted graphics that will surprise any player;
  • A wide variety of opponents, from people to giants;
  • Right during the battle, you can change weapons.

Start playing I, Gladiator right now , show the world that you are a true gladiator.

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