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Developer: Bohemia Interactive a.s.
Latest Version: 1.7889 update 1 week ago
System: Android 4.0.3+
Arma Tactics is a tactical combat operation simulator for a mobile phone on Android. It is very simple to control one soldier, at times it is more difficult to control the whole combat squad: this is what you will do in this toy.

In the toy Arma Tactics you will have a special-purpose combat squad at your disposal. Your squad will be sent to hot spots to perform dangerous tasks. Your squad will have to hold positions, wait for reinforcements, capture various objects, rescue hostages. But, from the very beginning it is necessary to go through simple training, where the player will become familiar with the control system, which, by the way, is very convenient. Management is implemented using swipe and tapov on the screen.
You can switch between fighters of your own squad, give them commands. In addition, it is you who must choose the position of your fighter on the map. The developers took care of the players and a small introductory briefing will be held before each mission, it will also briefly describe what needs to be done in this mission.

The main feature of Arma Tactics is the ability to give commands to all members of their unit. Tactical mechanics were taken with XCOM, with a little bit of refinement and added some useful chips. The toy offers each player to feel like a squad leader and experience the simulation of a real combat action. Everything is as realistic as possible, this game is different from other similar simulators.
Arms in the game are very ordinary, there is no space weapons, only military weapons: rifles, pistols, knives, grenades, shotguns.

This version of the game Arma Tactics is cracked, there is an unlimited amount of game currency. You can fully immerse yourself in the world of the game and not worry about the financial side, deal only with the passage of the main plot.

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