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Dream League Socce The self-sufficient company First Touch should be well known to those who love football simulations, because it’s not the first time that awesome football items come out from under its gaming conveyor. Previously, this manufacturer has pleased football gamers "Score! World Goals", which was remembered by numerous participants for their goals, most famous in different years and even football eras, from the most iconic players. But this toy can be attributed to the classics, as at this time on the nose of the battle of the new world championship. So, Dream League Socce r is becoming more relevant - a newer and less well-known football product that will certainly earn fan respect due to its quality, and most importantly, the ability to use android as a game console. . What can bring this popular sport even closer to those who like to play it virtually?

No one is going to cancel the basic concept of the most popular game on the planet, because the results in football have not yet been learned to be calculated without winning championships won on the green fields of trophies and scored by hundreds of heads. But unlike similar developments, it is not necessary to buy up all the world celebrities and established stars of the gaming or coaching level, but it is quite possible to concoct a fully capable team, making it a new world or continental grandeur. To do this, you can easily develop the skills of your own players, having already made them new stars.

"Dream League Soccer" will allow its members to even create a team from scratch, give it their own individual name and choose a league. The form, the color of which also selects the player can color as you like. Also, the nationality of your future team will be a purely individual choice. Well, when the squad is finally picked up and placed in their playing positions, it’s time to start your conquering raid on the best lawns of light, where you have to participate in cups or championships, or regular friendly-type matches. The teams existing in the leagues, which have long been known, will hardly agree to easily put their powers in your favor; on the contrary, they will try to punish you for the audacity of a newcomer. If this adrenaline rush is real bait for you, then Dream League Soccer is waiting for you to download and launch through its android. And the creators made sure that in the management you were comfortable enough, managing a wide range of tricks, techniques and power control of the blows.

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