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Category: Games
Developer: 11 bit studios
Latest Version: 1.03 update 1 week ago
System: Android 2.2+
ANOMALY KOREA is an exciting strategy for mobile phone and tablet on Android. A young company from Korea worked on the development of this toy. The same company has developed a toy Anomaly Warzone Earth, which received an award called Apple Design Award.

Together with this game you will get fierce fights and battles, an interesting story, a huge map, crazy and incredible races, new game units with new unique features of heroes. The plot of the game is interesting and fascinating: it has been several months since people were expelled from Earth by its invaders. And the peaceful sky above could not exist for a long time. Enemy robots are preparing a new attack and are going to attack with all their might on the Korean peninsula. And only you can help mankind to escape from extraterrestrial invaders.

Take control of the task force and lead it forward, defend the detachment from enemy towers and do not let it die. Think over your every move, every tactical move, skillfully use special skills and special-purpose weapons. Acting ahead and trying to win by force will not work, just a cold calculation and a game with cunning. Try to change the course of the confrontation and give mankind a chance to find peace on their planet. Anomaly Korea is a great game that will allow you to have a good time and save the Earth.

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