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The developers of BANDAI NAMCO are constantly working to ensure that on your device with a built-in operating system like Android there will appear new and even more exciting gaming applications than before. Everyone knows not a frail fighter Tekken, and so the company has created a new interpretation of this action movie in the form of a mobile card game, and turn-based. You have not yet met this version of this combat action, and now you can simply download the Tekken Card Tournament without fear and master a new, not typical management.

The favorite characters from the new variation will not disappear, they will move all the same levels, but with the help of your not standard moves. In order to bring novelty to the familiar understanding of card games, the creators added new types of cards, added decks in the application, and to finally develop the intrigue, they also changed the system of moves, so who will more quickly get used to the newly introduced modes in hand. Well, what intrigues? Then download already on the tablet or on any other Android gadget Tekken Card Tournament and check yourself in a new role.

The main mission of the player will be to pick up a certain set of fighting skills for themselves, in which there will be an opportunity for victories in the ring. Any attacks, deterrence, throws or blocking will be tied to the cards, and they have to collect them. In order to achieve maximum fighting peaks in the Tekken Card Tournament, it is advisable to collect balanced decks without obvious weak points, and each skill must be developed and upgraded to your personal level. Of course, this does not exclude the fact that you can have specific crown tricks, but it is the balance in skills that will lead the player to victory. In a battle, it is advisable to predict the intentions of the enemy and in order not to be mistaken when you do not need to press Fokus, you can use the Strike button for percussion actions, and to defend yourself there is a button block. It is not even difficult to understand and even a beginner will master it very quickly.

Fans of this legendary shock action movie will be met in various fights by many iconic and beloved characters from the original series. Their actions will be the same as always, with the exception that, despite the not typical format of the game, it will have amazing graphic fullness even on Android devices. To quickly enter into an unequal battle, after picking up a hero and developing his fighting skills, download the Tekken Card Tournament.

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