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The game XCOM: Enemy Unknown will surely appeal to strategy lovers. There are elements of RPG in it. You have to become the head of the organization XCOM, to deal with the problem of invaders-aliens. The plot happened so that an alien landing force landed on our planet, and a representative of another world behave extremely unfriendly towards the inhabitants of the Earth.

In XCOM: Enemy Unknown, you will have to lead a small detachment, that is and tactician, and strategist. To complete the mission, you get 4 soldiers. Each of the group members has action points: they can be spent on moving around the screen or various actions (using small arms, grenades, using first-aid kits, etc.). Opponents from another planet have the same points. You need to learn to skillfully spend action points to win every battle.

The gameplay of this game is amazing: you can do one fight in dozens of different ways, spending a minimum of ammunition on it or turning the alien invaders into a bloody mess. For example, you can shoot from a distance from a considerable distance, without running into trouble. And you can try to conduct a frontal attack. In XCOM: Enemy Unknown there is a huge choice of actions!

With the successful conduct of the battle, you can upgrade your squad using the technology from aliens. Naturally, captured objects improve the power of the weapon, the unit’s endurance and other characteristics. Not only the weapon improves, but also the experience of the soldiers. Over time, one of the members of the squad can become a sniper. This will allow him to shoot from afar, spending a minimum of ammunition and not run into trouble. There are other improvements that allow you to quickly end the battle with minimal loss of health.

Representatives from other planets are invading different countries, and you can choose who to help in the first place. It is worth remembering that if a panic begins in a country, then you stop receiving funding from its budget, so you need to choose wisely.

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