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Developer: Pixelbite
Latest Version: 1.2.1 update 5 days ago
System: Android 4.0.3+
The second part of Reckless Racing enjoys constant success with the owners of Android devices. Therefore, the developers have released a new part of Reckless Racing 3. Amazing races on terrain on supercars, trucks or retro cars are waiting for you. The main features of the new part: adrenaline, drive and the desire to win. Like the previous parts, you are waiting for the race with an isometric camera. The main goal of each race is to get to the finish line first. Unlike other races, where a computer opponent tries to fight honestly, in Reckless Racing 3 riders break the rules. They, like you, will push you out of the way, press them against the walls and use other forbidden techniques. Therefore, only the most impudent driver will reach the finish line.

Like in many games, you will have to go through a career. To do this, you need to buy a reliable vehicle, constantly improve its characteristics and improve your own driving style. The class of each race is denoted by the letters A, B, C. In addition to the battles against the computer, in the game Reckless Racing 3, you can take part in the battle against opponents on the Internet. To do this, there is a multiplayer mode.

Racing will long please you with its diversity. There are ring races, drift, passing the track at a time. Each race requires the most advanced skills of extreme driving. For example, in the drift you need to score maximum points, and in the race for a while you need to cleanly pass the track without hooking any objects on the way. Ring races are carried out both on high-quality roads and off-road. Therefore, there must be several vehicles in the garage for each road. Each unit of equipment is different in control, and you have to master all the machines to win.

The new part of Reckless Racing is characterized by bright graphics, simple controls and realistic physics. Sound plays an important role in the racing atmosphere. Even the smallest cars are characterized by high power, emit a loud roar of the engine. Somewhat upset by the lack of tuning and a small number of tracks. In the process of passing Reckless Racing 3, you will earn points that can be spent on improving the characteristics of cars and the purchase of a new vehicle.

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