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Category: Games
Developer: Phosphor Games Studio
Latest Version: update 5 days ago
System: Android 3.2+
Now you yourself can test and play an interesting game Horn. This is a modern game, and you will have the opportunity to observe all actions on your own: from the storyline to modern graphics. The developers of this game used Unreal 3, so that now you can understand that you will not be bored with this game.

All actions in this game come from a third party. Here you can see a lot of various adventures and action - this is a unique experience, because here everyone can enjoy the wonderful console world in all its glory, where the control is carried out with the help of gestures. Your role is a student, a young blacksmith with the interesting name Horn. Waking up, he discovers that his village has disappeared, and he goes in search of her. It is not clear what kind of magician enchanted him, because of this, people for some reason become stone goblins. During the game, it becomes clear that in reality, all enchanted creatures (animals and inhabitants) used to live in your village. Your main task is to find out what happened and get to your village. To do this, during the adventure you will take care of the enchanted creature, but he does not always want to cooperate with you. Along with your fantastic companion, you will have to use musical horns, a crossbow, a sword, as well as a mind, without which you will not be able to explore the land, solve puzzles, and defeat enemies. Only by doing all these conditions, you will be able to cancel the curse that lies on your native land.

Managing such a main character is very easy - with just one touch. All you need to do is to click on the display where you want to send the character. Joysticks for this game is completely unforeseen, and this means that the control of the game is convenient. Although the view from the camera is viewed from a third person, but this in no way affects the quality of the game.

So, during the game, do not forget to use the weapons that you have, because the arsenal is diverse. As in any game, you will not get it for free. For weapons and armor will have to pay a certain amount of crystals. By the way, it is possible to buy them for real money.

Features of the Horn game:
  1. Moving around The world is accessible and free.
  2. Accessible control, and any player can do: crawling, jumping, grappling hook, walking. Everything is built on intuition.
  3. The world is original and rich.
  4. You can explore three original of the world, and all are available to the player.
  5. A combat weapon designed for melee and a crossbow.

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