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The world is again in danger, and you will have to save it. To save the world from another deadly danger, download the Dark Avenger, take the sword in your hands and defeat the evil. This is how the plot of almost every role-playing game begins. The developers did not begin to look for something new, but simply lowered the plot of the game. At first, it is not at all clear what is happening and should happen. In the future, everything becomes clear in the plot. A rather non-standard solution - not to tell the background, does not make the game Dark Avenger worse or less interesting.

Fans of modern games will appreciate the graphics: the main character and environment are drawn at the highest level. When moving, the main character even sways the floor of his cloak! One of the nice features of graphics is the ability to bring the camera closer to the scene. This feature is rarely found in games on Android. In many games, the camera is so high that even the actions of the characters are incomprehensible. It is not very pleasant and convenient to play for superheroes that cannot be seen on the smartphone screen.

The game is striking in its simplicity of control and fascinating storyline. You just need to clear the dungeons from the enemies. After killing with the sword all enemies, we pass to the new location. At the end, a boss appears, possessing incredible strength and immunity to shocks.

When moving from one dungeon to another, the power of enemies becomes ever higher. To stay stronger, you need to pump your hero. This is done with the help of collected stones, which are given during the passage of levels. Not only strength and endurance improves: there is an opportunity to upgrade equipment, buy more powerful weapons. After downloading the game Dark Avenger, you immediately get at the expense of gold coins for the acquisition of basic weapons and equipment. Then you have to earn pebbles on your own and improve the hero.

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