Stair Dismount for Android

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Category: Games
Developer: Secret Exit Ltd.
Latest Version: 2.9.10 update 1 week ago
System: Android 2.2+
The slogan of the game Stair dismount is not by chance the phrase "Do awesome damage!". This action and adrenaline in the market for Android applications have not appeared for a long time.

The plot

Everything is very simple. The player has the rag doll in full possession with which you can do anything. You are free to throw it under the car, pull it down from the steep stairs, drop it from the top floor of the skyscraper, etc. Moreover, the more the mannequin suffers, the more interesting the injury he receives, the more points the player will receive. The leaderboard collects information about those who invented the most sophisticated ways of bullying. You just have to download the application and try to take the first line in it!

Graphics and Sound

The game is amazingly realistic. It will appeal to lovers of crunching bones and loud body blows on the asphalt. Schematic graphics are more than compensated by the complete transfer of the plastic of the falling body. Looking at the beaten doll, you can get a complete picture of the reaction of the human body to the blows. And for especially vengeful personalities in the game there is a mode with a photo. To the body of the dummy, you can attach the face of the most annoying acquaintance, ex-boyfriend or evil boss. And you're done! You have a chance to punish the offender in all possible ways.

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