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Thor 2 - the official game - is a continuation of the first version, which turned out to be very popular. This blockbuster has been waiting for a long time, because this is a story about the god of thunder. The first commercials liking even captious gamers. And then, finally, the moment of truth came - the help of the powerful and all-powerful god Thor is needed in several different worlds where the power of the Dark Elves reigns. Each player will be interested in whether Thor has enough strength to gather an army and defeat a hated enemy?

Graphically, Thor 2 has become much better, now it has bright videos in which you can listen to different stories. The game has changed its position, the opponents are not afraid of anything and do not behave so secretively. Now the game tasks have become more complicated. The main thing in this game has not changed - the character’s main weapon remains the tireless hammer, which can not only defeat the army of opponents, but also buildings, as well as everything that he encounters on the way. During the game, the gamer will receive various rewards in the form of experience or gold coins. Any of your bonuses can be seen in the upgrade menu: thanks to them, you can improve the strength of your character or hammer, as well as get magical abilities, thanks to which Thor will have more chances to free the lands of all worlds from terrible evil.

This game will show you different places - locations of the underworld, small settlements and powerful cities, castles in the air. And wherever he is, the character will face many battles and trials, because he will have to face huge bosses and aggressive enemies. There will also be assistants, without whom it would not have been possible to free all of the world. It is possible to download the game today to your phone - after all, everything is in danger, and no one can return peace to earth except the fearless hero Thor.

We'll have to go through about a hundred of all kinds of missions, which differ in the abilities of enemies and strength. The player has the opportunity to train not only the hero, but also his allies - the three Warriors and the well-known Heimall and Seth. You can also summon the fearless heroes of the kingdom of Asgard, so that you can strengthen your squad up to level 7, and also fight together with hordes of enemies. The gamer has the opportunity to use the abilities of allies in order to cure or teleport his character. Thor will have many different abilities throughout the storyline.

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