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Category: Games
Developer: My.com B.V.
Latest Version: 3.5.2 update 1 week ago
System: Android 4.0.3+
Evolution: The Battle for Utopia is a thoughtful tactical game in real time. It was created specifically for mobile devices that support the Android operating system. It was developed by a team of specialists who work in a Russian company.

This game has become so popular that at least 3 million gamers take part in it. Evolution has received a significant number of various game awards, and the developers, in turn, are not averse to sharing the victory with their users. On our portal, everyone has the opportunity to download the Battle for Utopia for free, but only if the device is running Android OS. Having this game on his smartphone, the user has the opportunity to connect friends to his battles, and together to make victories around the world. Through the whole game is the storyline, which explains in detail and interestingly what adventures take place on another planet. Several companies have been fighting among themselves for years. One is trying to attack the enemy, and the other is nothing, how to defend. As soon as the game is installed and you start playing, all factions will be offered to you, and you will be able to choose for yourself which one you want to fight for. This game is similar to a hurricane action, and has a tactical strategy. No one has seen such a gameplay for a long time, because it is saturated and absorbing. In the installed game, you will be able to restore the base, equip your personal colony. Also, you will have the opportunity to acquire new and advanced technological things, without which you can hardly overcome a strong enemy. The developers in the game have made the skill, from a desert unsuitable for life, to make a tropical paradise. Many people can live here. Your task will be to unravel all sorts of secrets, and search for ancient and legendary artifacts. As for the graphics, although it is of good quality, it was possible to try better. Remarkably, in Evolution: The Battle for Utopia, the interface was thought through, as was the optimization for all devices.

Features of the game Evolution: Battle for Utopia:
  • You can choose both evil and good factions;
  • You can be an opponent or ally of any player;
  • A cool musical component, great and high-quality graphics .

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