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In the Wild Tanks Online game, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your combat skills on more than one dozen combat vehicles, namely, on tanks - the prototypes of this technique from the Second World War. You have to pump technology, riding on the battlefields, which are decorated with good detail for use on mobile gadgets. The game has the ability to tie your account to social networks, play as a team with friends, and so on.


WildTanksOnline game resembles a well-coordinated game mechanism, which was previously successfully implemented in WorldofTanks (World of Tanks). In addition, the developers have brought to the "Wild Tanks" unique innovations that can not be seen in the "World of Tanks." You will find similar mechanics on World of Tanks, but the engine itself, of course, will be adapted to the mobile version.
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Graphics engine and control in battle

In terms of control, there is similarity with the "World of Tanks". A stick and a forward button will be displayed on the left of the screen. On the right on the display you will see the keys that allow you to use "binoculars" or switch between the types of shells. Binoculars allows you to view the map in an expanded format, with all roads, obstacles, stones, etc. Be prepared not only to study the subtleties of control and combat on small tanks in a special map, but also go into battle on “real” combat equipment against your opponents. And do not even think about making a mistake, because having done this, you will be destroyed, and your military equipment will become a useless metal. All that remains for you is to sort out the controls as quickly as possible, to be able to hide behind a stone and direct your gun towards the tank of your opponent.

The graphics here are also top notch as for mobile devices. Naturally, it is slightly inferior to the PC version. Summarizing the above, it becomes clear that WildTanksOnline is almost identical to WorldofTanks, but still, slightly different from it. Its main advantage from the original is the ability to play on mobile devices with Android OS version 2.3 and higher.
You can play the game from 3 years. Russian localization is available.

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