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In Street Fighter 4 you can choose one of ten fighters for yourself and meet with other rivals in the ring. Classic attacks and special techniques are available to you.

The process of the game

Street Fighter 4 follows the best traditions of fighting games. Just choose your favorite fighter and go to victory. You should always follow the scale of your own health during a fight. The main thing is not to allow this indicator to approach zero. At the enemy, he must reach zero.

In this case, the opponent will be defeated. In addition to the band of life, you have a scale of energy. The more attacks you spend, the more intense the energy accumulates. When the energy bar is full, combo attacks are available to your fighter. These are super moves of special strength that can kill the enemy.

Street Fighter 4 game features

11 unique battle sites await you. This gives you the opportunity to get the most out of combat. A huge number of different punches for each fighter makes the attacks varied. You are available to the usual series of strikes, causing damage in a jump, special attacks, combos and supercombo attacks.

In the game you can choose the most convenient type of control. It can be a classic on-screen joystick or a modern control system. You can only fight with computer opponents, but also with a friend via Bluetooth. The graphics in the fighting game is very effective.

In the early 90s, the game made a splash. Based on her, even the film was made. Already in those years, the game was bright and colorful, it became the basis for many of the fighting games coming after.

The modern version of Street Fighter 4 is an equally exciting game. The return of the legendary Street Fighter has become just as popular: Street Fighter 4 is played by millions of users worldwide on their mobile phones. The game takes about 100 megabytes, and works great even on older versions of Android. 8 out of 10 users choose Street Fighter 4.

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