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Category: Games
Developer: DryGin Studios
Latest Version: 2.912 update 1 week ago
System: Android 2.3+
Age: 12+
Size: 65 Mb
Bio Inc - Biomedical Plague - This type of game is developed based on an existing virus. This infection infects a living being, after which it gradually makes all its systems and organs incapable of normal life. No medications can help, and ultimately, only death is waiting for a person.

What are some unique features of Bio Inc

Players will have the opportunity to be tactics, and their main task will be to make the body man could not resist and gave up. After installing the game, users will have the opportunity to choose the level of complexity. The development team did a good job and made all the levels of complexity quite fascinating and interesting. Each user will have a task - to choose their victim, and they may be a person with extra weight, an athlete, a young man ...

Each character has an individual organism and therefore a different degree of immunity (the athlete has the best immunity, and a person with obesity, in general, immunity out of luck). By the way, everyone has different and special features of the body. If you take, for example, an athlete, it is clear that his sore point is the musculoskeletal system, while young people complain about the nervous system, and obese people are constantly gaining even more weight.

Gameplay of this game Bio Inc

When the user has decided on the patient, he will know exactly what his weakest point is, and on the contrary, he will have to work on it. Also, gamers will need to choose which disease is more interesting to him, and begin to systematically progress it. The task of the virus includes a lot of work: to develop all sorts of phobias, risk factors, and new diseases in the patient. After each victorious illness, as a result, the body becomes weaker and more vulnerable, the user gets points that he can spend on development. And of course, one should not do more than necessary, because if everything is very bad, then a person will have nothing left to do but how to seek qualified help from a doctor. Then, it will be costly for the user, because it is necessary to invest the collected points for carrying out mutations and other protection from doctors.

Now it is possible for each user to download to his mobile device (supporting the Android operating system) not only the original of the above described game Bio Inc (Bio Inc translated into Russian). You can also install a hacked version yourself, which means that each player will be able to use biomonet in unlimited quantities.
Mod description
1. Infinite BioCoins
2. Cheats Menu Enabled
3. Unlock BioInc
4. Ads Removed
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