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Undertale was able to tell players an entertaining story about true friendship, love and death. In the story, the main character is thrown into the underworld with real monsters. As it turned out later, all these creatures were sharpened here after losing the war with humans. From this moment on the shoulders of the girl fall the ordeals, traps and obstacles that may eventually lead to the destruction of evil spirits or she will be released.

Unlike other adventure games, Undertale invites the player to independently choose the outcome of the game, simultaneously solving puzzles and destroying everything around. With each opponent in the player's path, you can immediately join the battle, or you can talk and try to disperse peacefully. It is these game chips that dilute the gameplay part and you don’t have to be bored. Almost all locations are narrow corridors that are sometimes branched off in small rooms with interesting quests and puzzles. Along the way, the heroine will meet mini-tips in the form of tablets, where messages will be encrypted guides in the right direction.

The graphics are pixel-schematic visualization, but at the same time it has a certain harmony and a highlight. Involuntarily think about the fact that Undertale was created in an era when the games were created with the soul, the plot part was appreciated, the gameplay and not the graphics. In fact, the developers really put their heart into this application, which makes it unique in its kind.

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