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Latest Version: 1.9.0 update 1 week ago
System: Android +
SAS: Zombie Assault 4 is an interesting action-smartphone game for Android, which is dedicated to the walking dead. A zombie apocalypse has happened and only you can begin to struggle with its consequences.

From the very beginning, the player will be explained what is going on here and how, will be brought up to date. After that you will be moved to the thick of game events. The application has several types of characters, each with its own features and chips, so choose wisely and by your own preferences. The main thing is that you feel comfortable playing this character. SAS 4 developers have provided a camera with a top view. At first, this may seem inconvenient, but the opposite is true: such a review will allow you to look around, see where the enemy is and make the necessary maneuver. The locations in this action game are very large and well balanced. It should be noted that almost all items are interactive. That is, you can interact with a variety of objects. For example, you can start shooting at a car and if you hit the gas tank, there will be an explosion. You can wait for zombies near the car at the moment of the explosion, and then they will die.

Graphic design at a good level, every detail is perfectly worked out. Developers are great fellows. Physics is realistic, it makes SAS 4 more exciting and intriguing. Get ready to see bloody scenes that look as realistic as possible. The sound in the application is a bit depressing and gloomy, but it's even more fun to play, you get a complete immersion in the game.

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