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Category: Games
Developer: TinyCo
Latest Version: 1.88.0 update 1 week ago
System: Android 4.1+
Age: 16+
Size: 70.3 Mb
Family Guy: In Search of Everyone was designed and created based on the cartoon "Griffiths." It is quite popular in the expanses of not only the world, but also in the territory of the Russian Federation. In the storyline of the presented game, the situation unfolds as follows: the main character, Peter, as always, had a quarrel with a chicken, they had a fight, and as a result, absolutely all of Quahog was destroyed, and nothing remained but ruins. The main task of the user is to bring the entire ruined city to its original appearance!

As for the gameplay, the Family Guy game is very similar to the “farm”, as well as The Simpsons: Tapped Out: the player will have to spend a lot of strength for the construction of Quahoga. The first thing the game begins with is the construction of the house of the family of the protagonist Griffin. After that, you will have to build the houses of other characters, gradually "perekacheyvayas" to other buildings. All work on the detuning are accompanied by special tasks in which each user will be able to notice a lot of interesting and incredible humor!

By the way, humor! In the game presented it is quite a lot, and this is the basis of the whole game! Seriously, the gameplay in the game is not as much as it is!

In which game you can laugh all the time, almost from every movement of the main character? The main point is that all the jokes written in the game were invented and written directly by the creators of the series. And that means something. So what about the humor in this game, you can generally doubt!

The saddest thing is that the game has some drawbacks! The main disadvantage is the fact that at the beginning of the game, the action develops quite rapidly, but after 10 minutes a long hitch occurs. To perform an action or make a task, the main characters will be given a certain time (it can take as much time as 5 minutes or 5 hours). So the first time to go through the game just does not work! In order to solve such a problem, you need to buy "shells"!

As for the rest, there are no complaints about the game! It developed and personal social network. It will write all the characters that are in the game, and the style of comments will be funny!

Family Guy is a great game! You can not break away from this game for many days without a break! As in the cartoon, there will be a lot of humor. There is a small minus - Donat! But if you are a fan of the game, then we can install the game, where purchases are completely free!
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