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System: Android 2.3+
Rally Racer Drift, that is, racing with a special and exciting technique of passing all sorts of turns, is becoming increasingly popular in real life, and the gaming community is not far behind. As a result, in recent years, developers have offered a lot of games dedicated to this topic. But the brainchild of the studio (made famous thanks to the success of the game) VO DIGITAL ARTS called Rally Racer Drift stands out.

So an important feature of the application is the absolute lack of resources to resources (which will allow the game to run on almost all gadgets) with quality and enough detailed graphics. For example, during the race, gamers will meet quite realistic landscapes, and dust will fly from under the wheels. A complementary picture of decent quality and numerous visual effects.

The developer has given the opportunity to choose racing cars. And although they are not very many (only 4), but they are also detailed, which makes Rally Racer Drift more attractive. To match them and racetracks, more precisely, it is only one, but gigantic, so the variety is provided. And there is a huge variety of turns, without which drift is impossible. Although you need to know that the races themselves are more rally, but with the ability to demonstrate the ability to control the drift in large numbers. A route has been laid among the desert landscape.

The developers have provided several operating modes. As a result, the gamer, who loves drift, will be able to work out the skills simply by passing certain sections of the route for a while. In this case, it is necessary to make the maximum number of controlled drifts or the result will be low. That will not allow the "rider" to earn their first bonuses, which are allowed to be used for upgrading the used car and buying more powerful sports cars.

Having the skills the driver will be able to participate in races with the same speed lovers from around the world online. If you wish, you can offer to compete with your friends, for which a special mode of multiplayer races is provided.

Special attention should be paid to driving, initially it will seem too sharp, so you will need addiction. But this procedure does not take much time. But then the gamer will understand that for controlled drifts just such an option of the steering wheel and other controls is optimal. This provides a great gameplay, that is, the interaction of the driver with Rally Racer Drift occurs at the highest level, which adds pleasure.

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