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Developer: Pixelbite
Latest Version: 1.0.4 update 1 week ago
System: Android 1.5+
Reckless Racing 2 are three-dimensional races. This game belongs to the genre, where, it would seem, long ago standards, rules were set and all dots above “i” were placed. But this case is a pleasant exception: the developer decided on an experiment and the risk was justified.

Since gamers appreciated accurate, detailed graphics. And it should be noted that in this game, attention is paid to every detail. Therefore, the eye of the “racer” will delight everyone: traced palm trees, separate stones and so on. The same applies to cars - in Reckless Racing 2 they are not angular, and the buildings around the track do not constitute "boxes". Millions of driving enthusiasts liked all of the above.

And the quality of graphics was achieved because the developer depicted racing from the side. You could even say that from a bird's eye view. As a result, a sufficient amount of resources required for work was saved. And this made it possible to create stunning special effects that accompany the collision, other moments of racing.

It is also important that the developers of Reckless Racing have the right to be proud not only of the graphics, as there is amazing gameplay here, and when using the touchscreen of any smartphone, tablet. As a result, the gamer perfectly interacts with the game itself, and this is an important component of the success of any game. It is also interesting that each player has the right to customize the interface based on personal wishes and tastes.

The park of 18 cars will give pleasure from racing, and their diversity should be noted. Since there will be small, maneuverable buggies that do an excellent job with driving on the ground, powerful sports cars designed for racing on asphalt roads.

Developers can customize all cars in detail, taking into account the needs of the driver or features of the track.

You can choose any of the 24 racing tracks, and here both ground and asphalt pavements are presented, which makes Reckless Racing diverse and exciting. Especially considering that all the tracks differ in three-dimensional detailed landscapes.

Additionally, gamers will have to perform dozens of the tasks envisaged. There are several game modes, so it is possible to make a career, chase with friends, complete levels, beat the records of all the numerous tracks. Moreover, earning for successful races money that you can spend on new cars, their upgrade.

As a result, Reckless Racing has everything for an exciting time, and this explains its popularity.

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